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BetterPlace Partners with Microsoft to Design Enterprise Solutions, Transforming Frontline Workforce Management across APAC

June 8, 2023
3 mins

BetterPlace partners with Microsoft to revolutionise the employee experience for frontline workers in the Asia-Pacific region. Leveraging BetterPlace's advanced HCM capabilities and Microsoft's cutting-edge Cloud and AI platform, the strategic collaboration is set to empower 340 million frontline workers with industry-first tailored solutions.

Full-stack workforce management solutions

BetterPlace, Asia's largest frontline workforce management SaaS platform, is transforming the ecosystem with its comprehensive full-stack platform from verification to hiring, onboarding, upskilling, and productivity management, covering the entire value chain. In addition, BetterPlace actively promotes positive social change by improving the earnings of frontline workers through fulfilment services, digital upskilling initiatives, and facilitating credit access.

Empowering people and enabling businesses

The collaboration will integrate BetterPlace’s advanced analytics platform with Microsoft 365 and Power BI, providing enterprises with deeper employee insights and improved lifecycle management capabilities. Enterprises will also be able to seamlessly acquire, employ and upskill their frontline workforce on the back of BetterPlace’s comprehensive Human Capital SaaS platform.  

With a strong focus on tackling the workforce’s unique challenges from the ground up, BetterPlace and Microsoft will create a mobile-first upskilling program tailored to deliver innovative, accessible, and engaging content to the frontline workers. The aim is to equip the workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them excel in their professional roles as well as aid their personal growth.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft to provide transformative solutions catered towards frontline workers,” said Sandeep Uberoi, Group President at BetterPlace. "Combining Microsoft's technology expertise with BetterPlace's deep understanding of the segment, we're set to reshape the frontline workforce sector, providing innovative solutions that elevate productivity and enrich employee experiences. Our collaboration will immediately impact over 30 million frontline workers across APAC, India, and the GCC, ultimately reducing attrition, increasing compliance, and pioneering groundbreaking solutions for frontline worker productivity."

Building the largest frontline workforce ecosystem across APAC

Since their launch in 2015, BetterPlace has benefitted over 30 million workers and families, and empowered over 1500 enterprises as clients with an impressive 95% retention rate.

The collaboration with Microsoft demonstrates BetterPlace's dedication to reimagining employee experiences and empowering frontline workers across Asia-Pacific. It marks another significant milestone for BetterPlace, following the acquisitions of TROOPERS and MyRobin as part of their ongoing efforts to accelerate expansion in Southeast Asia. The company also recently launched BetterPlace Money, a suite of financial services aimed at making over 10 million global frontline workers creditworthy by 2025.

We are excited about the positive impact this collaboration will have on the lives of millions of frontline workers and look forward to seeing BetterPlace’s tech-driven solutions accelerate growth for enterprises across Asia-Pacific.

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