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Our Principles & Culture

Values we believe in

3one4 is committed to partnering with the next set of generational innovation engines out of India that will help set new standards for inclusive value creation and sustainable growth.

Delivering transformative capital requires a diverse team of investment professionals, technologists, operators, and other specialists who are united by this common purpose and live the firm’s values.

To attract and grow independent thinkers who will consistently execute on this commitment, we have intentionally designed the organisation on fundamental principles of:

Deliberate Specialization
Goal-driven Cooperation
Unyielding Bias
Towards Action

In addition to operating excellence and cultivating a resonant network of specialists, the firm is also committed to setting new standards for the asset class. By participating in ecosystem development, regulatory alignment, and consistently elevating transparency in reporting and disclosures, we are improving the firm’s innate resilience every day.

The culture of our firm demands high standards and continuous learning and improvement.

The early-stage ecosystem has radically transformed in India. So the role of venture capital has to grow beyond the mere provision of capital to true partnership in new value creation.

Early-stage experience compounds aggressively, and the team at 3one4 Capital has purpose-built the organisation to stay in resonance with the innovation engines of the next decade.

Diversity and Inclusion

At 3one4, we are directed by a zero-compromise approach towards building an institution while being fully committed to our values. As young professionals ourselves, we are grounded in the reality of the intense competition in the startup ecosystem and the nature of the industry when it comes to diversity and inclusion across all levels of an organization.

We champion diversity because it is essential to our ability to think differently, identify opportunities, and work with the best founding teams across markets.

To action our commitment, the firm has removed all biases in its interview and appraisal processes to focus strictly on merit and competence. Our view is that if we are objectively focused on recruiting the very best candidates for the roles in our teams, we will not struggle to achieve a representation of the natural diversity of people and voices in young India today. We are instinctively biased toward action, and this has to reflect in our own organizational design as well.

We are pleased to report that this model has measurably worked for 3one4. As a result, our organization has achieved:

A representation of 50% women across the team of 20 professionals in total

2 out of 4 (50%) of the team leads are women

The first and youngest ESG Officer in the Indian venture capital industry

The youngest team in Indian venture capital today, with an average age of around 28 years

Team members from every primary region of India – North, West, South, and East – with a wide variety in languages spoken, beliefs, and personal backgrounds

Team members from diverse streams of training, with degrees in accounting, engineering, business, company secretarial, economics, literature, and the arts

For us, it is critical to demonstrate the change we want to see.

The firm must set an example for what is possible when action is intentionally directed and merit is truly prioritized. We want to attract and work with the best people, period.

We are grateful for the opportunity to build an institution that can perform and compete at the highest levels while being mindful, actively inclusive, and truly diverse. We hope to consistently be able to meet our high standards and raise the bar on what a next-gen institution can look like being built out of India.

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