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Leap.is, a Mobile-First Onboarding and Assistance Platform, has been Acquired by Whatfix

April 26, 2022
2 mins

We're excited to share that Leap.is (previously Jiny.io), a mobile-first onboarding and assistance platform has been acquired by Whatfix, global leader in the digital adoption platforms (DAP) space.

Since its inception, Leap.is, founded by ex-Flipkart team Kushagra Sinhaand Sahil Sachdeva, has been able to revamp the in-app product experience and feature discovery for businesses including Jio, ShopX, OkCredit, Snapdeal, Farmart, TransportBook among many others.

Whatfix’s acquisition of Leap.is will augment the former’s platform by extending their mobile capabilities. Leap’s toolset will seamlessly integrate with Whatfix’s existing applications by adding guidance to mobile apps to improve activations and adoption, reduce time-to-ship for onboarding experiences, and increase the customization of user experiences overall.

We evaluated the company in 2018 and have been a significant investor since the inception/seed round through to the exit in 2022. Since our investment, the company has grown respectably and is now amongst the leading technology providers in this vertical.

We are happy to play a role in an exciting no-code product experience SaaS play that was able to build some breakthrough technology. At 3one4, we are delighted that the team will now scale the product further in partnership with WhatFix is their journey to improve user experience.

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