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Nruthya Madappa Recognized For Driving Portfolio Success; Elevated To Partner At 3one4 Capital

April 26, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the elevation of Nruthya Madappa to the role of Partner at 3one4 Capital. She joins Pranav Pai, Siddarth Pai, and Anurag Ramdasan as Partners at the firm. Nruthya has been a key member of our firm as the lead of the Growth and Capital Development team, and has consistently supported the scale-ups of several initiatives at the firm and across the portfolio.

Nruthya Madappa joined 3one4 Capital in 2020 as Principal and Head of Growth and Capital Development and was elevated to Director in 2022, where she continued to lead the Growth and Capital vertical, playing a pivotal role in the firm's expansion. Nruthya has helped guide the firm's impressive portfolio of startups towards sustainable growth and success by securing funding, driving revenue growth, and facilitating successful exits. With her expertise in technology, finance, and corporate development, Nruthya has partnered with some of the most promising companies in India's vibrant startup ecosystem, including Open, BetterPlace, Bugworks, Dozee, and Kapiva to deliver meaningful outcomes

Nruthya's experience in building and scaling numerous businesses to market-leading positions, both as a venture capitalist and in her previous roles at high-growth companies, makes her an excellent partner for founders looking to scale their business during the growth stage. She works closely with founding teams and leverages a global network of resources and relationships to help them scale. Thanks to Nruthya's contributions, the deep involvement model, which is an inherent part of 3one4 Capital's DNA, has seen a significant expansion in its coverage.

Commenting on Nruthya’s elevation to Partner, Anand Anandkumar, Founder of Bugworks Research said, “Nruthya's steadfast dedication to nurturing the ecosystem has been critical to Bugworks' triumph in securing high-quality follow-on investors, especially in the face of a daunting fundraising landscape. Nruthya's compassionate leadership style, coupled with her unwavering positive attitude, make her a role model for aspiring leaders to emulate.”

“Nruthya's elevation to Partner at 3one4 capital is a testament to her exceptional work in early-stage investing. Her consistent support and hands-on approach have been critical to our success as a healthcare startup. We're thrilled to see her take on this new role and are confident that she will continue to make a significant impact in the startup ecosystem,” added Mudit Dandwate, Co-founder, Dozee.

At 3one4, we recognize that every company is distinct and requires a convergence of experiences and capabilities to support their unique path to scale. In our pursuit to identify and support trailblazing founders who shape the future, we have consistently evolved our team to be able to build resonant support systems that can deliver tangible outcomes. Nruthya Madappa's elevation to Partner reflects 3one4 Capital's unwavering commitment to nurturing talent from within to catalyse the growth and success of our portfolio partnerships.

As we continue to expand our presence and scale in the Indian startup ecosystem, Nruthya will play a pivotal role in shaping the firm’s future with her expertise and leadership.

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