Siddarth Pai Appointed As 3one4 Capital's ESG Officer

October 11, 2021
2 mins

We're excited to announce that Siddarth Pai, Founding Partner & CFO, 3one4 Capital has been appointed as the ESG Officer. The appointment is a first in the Indian Venture Capital industry and makes Siddarth Pai the youngest professional to hold this position.

As the ESG Officer, Siddarth will lead the firm’s intentional work in bringing the foundational principles of ESG into its investment and portfolio management routines. This includes aligning the firm’s framework for ESG practices with its existing processes and standards, sharing ESG objectives, policies and practices with the firm’s portfolio companies, and actively participating in the development of ESG in the Indian ecosystem.

In the dual role of ESG Officer and CFO, Siddarth will be able to implement sustainable investing across the organization to reap the quantitative and qualitative impact it has on operations. The intent of exercising this role is also to raise awareness and embed it in the chain of commerce to benefit all stakeholders - internal, external and regulatory. It also enables us to work with our portfolio companies and help them become the early adopters and champions of ESG.

At 3one4 Capital, we have intentionally built a long-term commitment to responsible investing and to support the evolution of an ecosystem conducive to RI. This active commitment has helped us secure the signatory status to the UN PRI, making 3one4 Capital the first Venture Capital signatory from India and the fifth overall investment firm approved from India.

As young professionals ourselves, we are grounded in the reality of the intensity of the startup ecosystem - the conflict between today's priorities and yesterday's dreams. However, this ecosystem also supports a real potential for all of us to mindfully contribute towards creating extraordinary value while doing good.

Siddarth Pai's appointment, our Founding Partner taking on the responsibility of the ESG Officer, reflects our zero-compromise approach towards building an institution while being fully committed to our values. We are truly biased towards action, and we strongly believe that this must reflect in our own organizational design as well.

For us, it is critical to reflect the change we want to see and set an example for what is possible when action is purposefully designed and values are truly prioritised.

We are grateful for the opportunity to build an institution that can perform and compete at the highest levels while being mindful, intentionally inclusive, and truly committed to its ideals. We hope to consistently be able to meet our high standards and #RaiseTheBar on what a next-gen institution can look like being built out of India today.

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