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Feb 16
4:30 pm

SaaS Roundtable

Early-stage startups face the challenge of achieving Product-Market Fit, with SaaS companies also needing to establish a repeatable sales process, adapting it based on growth stage and objectives. In 2023, B2B sales strategies have undergone significant changes due to demand slowdown, prompting founders and sales leaders to constantly adapt, the event provides insights and lessons from experienced founders to help others navigate this journey.



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Siva Rajamani
Co-Founder & CEO, Everstage
Aniketh Jain
Co-Founder Fyno, Ex-CRO - Kaleyra
Akshay Patel
Founder - AWS, SaaS Factory
Nruthya Madappa
Partner, 3one4Capital


5 PM
7 PM
Panel discussion

February 16, 2023
7 PM
9 PM

February 16, 2023
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