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Feb 25
10:30 am

SaaS Roundtable | GTM and Global Expansion Strategies

"We’re seeing the rise of global startups from South East Asia, taking advantage of expanding market opportunities and the level playing field that the internet has created. For a lot of early-stage SEA startups who are iterating on their global GTM playbook, there are a few crucial questions to answer before committing to a full-blown expansion strategy; while going global is a clear growth opportunity for SaaS, it can also pose a myriad of operational challenges. This session led by Stripe Anurag Ramdasan, Partner at 3one4 Capital will provide practical strategies and relevant market insights to guide SaaS companies on their growth journey. Thinking global from day oneChoosing the right GTM strategy — a combination of playing to your strengths and solving for your categorySolving the growth vs capital efficiency conundrum"



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Sagar Gupta
Startup Partner Lead, APAC, Stripe
Anurag Ramdasan
Partner, 3one4 Capital
Satya Tammareddy
Head of SaaS Platforms, APAC, Stripe


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February 25, 2023
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February 25, 2023
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February 25, 2023
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