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A trusted and effective business-led platform where creators and brands can get access to high-intent shoppers and achieve discoverability at scale. The company has taken a three-fold approach to benefit all the stakeholders through the power of distributed content:

  • Brands will have access to high octane marketing at zero upfront cost and the best curated creators to achieve right influence at scale
  • Creators will gain the ability to monetize all their content across social media platforms by having their own personalized shop-fronts where they can promote products/brands they resonate with. This will also enable the creators to have their own identity and not just an affiliate’s  
  • Enable end-customers to discover influencer-validated products at a click

With the platform, creators can make use of their existing/new content (both video and static) to make collection live on their custom-domain stores by enlisting products from various brands. The platform’s algorithm will automatically create a catalogue extension for each influencer. This would enable a mall-like shopping experience for the audience.