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Vidyut Tech

Xitij Kothi
Gaurav Srivastava
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Founded in 2021, Vidyut Tech has quickly emerged as a pioneer in simplifying commercial EV ownership, making it more accessible, affordable, and devoid of financial risk. Through its innovative use of asset-underwriting algorithms and detailed battery health data analysis, Vidyut Tech has developed a unique battery subscription financing model. This model not only makes electric vehicles more attainable for a broader audience but also addresses one of the primary hurdles in EV adoption: the high cost associated with EV batteries, which account for 30% to 40% of an electric vehicle's total cost.

By offering customers the option to loan the vehicle and rent the battery, Vidyut significantly reduces the required initial down payment. Vidyut specialises in the commercial vehicle segment, bringing together original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), lenders, borrowers, and stakeholders in the secondary market into a cohesive ecosystem, fostering a seamless value chain.