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3one4 Capital Secures An Exit From Toddle

January 16, 2023
3 mins

3one4 Capital secured an exit from Toddle. Our investment in the collaboration and productivity platform for International Baccalaureate (IB)-curriculum teachers yielded returns of 6.6x at the time of our exit while distributing 22% of the invested fund’s corpus.

Toddle’s terrific journey
Toddle was launched in 2019 to provide a unified platform for in-school and post-school learning, and to build a strong community for teachers to share and discover ideas across the globe. Since then, Toddle has grown 3x YoY, achieved an annual churn of ~3%, and has an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $5.9 million.

Today, 40,000 educators, across 1500 schools, and 100 countries use Toddle. It is on the path to becoming a category leader by identifying underserved consumer segments with the power to purchase and by building customised solutions to capture a greater global market share.

About 40% of Toddle’s revenue comes from North and South America, 30% comes from Europe, India adds 7%-8% to its revenue, and the remaining is contributed by the rest of Asia Pacific.

Toddle has also doubled its customer base every year. In 2019 it was at 50 paid schools. In 2021 it reached 400 paid schools and closed 2022 with 800 paying schools.

Under the leadership of Deepanshu Arora and Misbah Jafary, Toddle is now expanding its offering to include Cloud for schools and to bring focus on personalisation, 24x7 support for students, and streamlining school operations.

Since our seed entry, we worked closely with the team and the Founders to achieve sustained, multi-year growth with an added focus on business resilience and product innovation to scale revenues.

We are proud of our partnership with Team Toddle who have set hard-to-surpass standards in IB learning and teaching, and in the professional development of educators, globally. We are certain they will now break new ground by building horizontal school-management suites and enabling partner schools to support their students 24x7. We wish them the very best as they scale this platform into a global market leader!

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