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KukuFM closes $21.8 million, expands its offerings across 12 Indian regional languages

October 3, 2022
3 mins

We're thrilled to share that KukuFM, India’s leading platform for audio infotainment closed $21.8 million in Series B, led by Fundamentum Partnership with participation from Krafton, 3one4 Capital, Vertex, Verlinvest, and FounderBank Capital.

KukuFM Founders (from left) Vinod Kumar Meena, Vikas Goyal and Lal Chand Bisu

KukuFM has defied a tired narrative and proven that Indian consumers do pay for quality digital products and experiences. It has scaled into the largest regional language subscription platform by simplifying the process of creating and publishing audio content.

Having reimagined the audio experience for Indians consuming content in their regional languages from the ground up, it now has 1.7M+ active paying subscribers and plans to exceed 5M soon. This is already amongst the largest consumer subscription products in the country across categories.

KukuFM has leveraged the audio infotainment whitespace, and targeted users with varied interests and purchasing powers across regions. The platform has simplified audio content creation for 30K+ creators and artists with their proprietary, easy-to-use recording, and transcribing tools.

Their exclusive content runs into 1,50,000 hours in formats that include audiobooks, book summaries, educational courses, podcasts, and stories. The content also covers  30+ genres like news, mythology, learning, self-help, personal finance, entertainment, and spirituality.

Image Source: Bizzbuzz

KukuFM also adds 1000+ hours of exclusive content on the platform every month in 12+ regional languages that include Tamil, Gujarati, Bangla, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu. Listeners on the platform clock in an average daily-listening time of over 80 minutes per user.

KukuFM plans to deploy these newly raised funds to build a strong regional content-creation ecosystem, expand its existing catalogue, and reach out to listeners with more language choices.

At 3one4, we are excited to continue our work with founders Lal Chand Bisu, Vinod Kumar Meena, and Vikas Goyal as they redefine the audio universe for regional languages and make millions of lives better off-screen.

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